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Original Flavour

natural caffeine

Natural caffeine means a slower release of energy over a period of about 6 hours, so you won't 'crash' later on.

ZERO SUGAR, and with zero compromise on taste.  Yep, it's possible with our natural, extract based flavours.  Customer feedback and reviews are testimonial to the refreshing, unique taste of XITE. #zerosugar #zerosugarenergydrink

Zero sugar

ZERO sugar, with zero compromise on taste.
Yep, it's possible 

Panax Ginseng

New empirical research on Nootropics have shown correlations of these amino acids with improved cognitive function.

Natural fruits

The clear transparency of XITE means, no artificial colours, and only fresh, natural flavours.

B Vits & Amino acids

sustained energy


What if you could strip back and just leave the good stuff? XITE Energy has done just that.

Zero sugar and naturally caffeinated and flavoured sparking fruits are enough to XITE YOUR MIND and leave you energised all day.



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